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  • This worked great with kodi 17

    This worked great with kodi 17.6 and whichever add-ons you plan to use, as well as any of the third-party APK's for streaming.
  • little small box can do lots of things just like a mini pad or mini computer

    I can’t imagine this little small box can do lots of things just like a mini pad or mini computer. I was told by my friend that she bought it for her parents to watch TV from her country. At the beginning, I thought she is joking. After I watched at her house. I decided to buy one as well for my parents. I tested and the imaging are clear and the signal is very good. Thanks!
  • Great

    The TV Box works flawlessly and will play anything you throw at it. The keyboard is a good idea and saves a lot of fiddling about.All in all, well worth the price.
  • like very much

    Yesterday received the TV box. Small. Has little space. The most important thing is to watch a lot of programs. This is my first attempt to buy a TV box. like very much!
  • Its A Winner

    The Rominetak was given as gift and the person receiving it loves it.
  • Good quality box for half the price

    I have many android boxes a nvidia shield, 3 matricom g boxes, 1 fire TV box and 2 fire sticks. This is an awesome box and I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a good quality box for half the price.
  • this is the best I've found

    I own several Android boxes, have done considerable research and I must say, this is the best I've found. It is very stable, comes with a bunch of usable pre-installed add-ons and simply performs beautifully.
  • I needed a device like this to watch TV on Amazon video and Netflix

    I needed a device like this to watch TV on Amazon video and Netflix.
    I have it connected to the internet via ethernet cable directly to the router, since it will always be a better connection than via wifi, but in the Wi-Fi tests I did it was fine. They look perfect on Netflix TV, Amazon video, YouTube, all good. And being an Android device you can install any app as in any smartphone.
    The keyboard is perfect. It was paired in seconds on the first day and since then it is the most used command.
  • good!

    This Android TV box is very simple to install. We connect the box to the TV via the thick HDMI cable provided, in the remote control and we plug the power cable. If you want, we can connect the Android box to our internet box with an ethernet cable.
    The configuration is very simple, the first step is to connect to his network in wifi or ethernet and enter his profile and password Google. The 4K resolution of my TV is recognized by default and I did not need to adjust the image.
    The YouTube app allows comfortable navigation as on a tablet and 4K and / or 3D videos are viewable in full ......more
  • It is wonderful.

    Great TV box with cheap price! I cancelled my cable after I have this android TV box, it saved me a lot of money! Simple to set up and easy to use! It is wonderful!